Athletes Employed by EXEDY

Athletes Employed by EXEDY

Iga FC Kunoichi

Since 2012, we have served as the sponsor of the Iga FC Kunoichi, a women’s football club registered in Japan’s Nadeshiko League, and we are currently employing 22 of the 25 members of the team. In 2016, the Iga FC Kunoichi placed 6th in their league.

For more details, please click on the following link:

Iga FC Kunoichi Official Web Site (Japanese Only)

EXEDY Women's Table Tennis Team

The EXEDY Women’s Table Tennis Team has been actively participating in a multitude of tournaments, including the Japan Table Tennis League Tournament, the All Japan Corporate Table Tennis Championships, and the National Sports Festival. In 2016, Kae Kabasawa took the silver medal in US Open Under 21 Singles Tournament.

Ai Miura: Formula Racer

EXEDY employee Ai Miura is currently competing in the C Class of the 2017 Japanese Formula 3 Championship. The Formula 3 is two categories below the pinnacle of formula racing, the F1. In 2014, Miura was the first female racer to ever place first at the Japanese Formula 3 Championship. In 2015, she placed second overall, finishing first three times out of a total of 17 races and finishing within the top three for 13 of the remaining 14 rounds. She also competes in solar car races, where she obtained her fifth overall victory in a row in 2015.


EXEDY employee Shunsuke Yamanaka has performed spectacularly at various Japanese triathlons, and he respresented Japan at the ITU World Triathlon, where he placed 35th out of 75 for his age bracket. He qualified for the World Championships to be held in the Netherlands in 2017.


In 2016 EXEDY employee Ryohei Seo received an invitation to the Taiwan Marathon. He put in a spectacular performance and finished 1st in a field of 2341 runners. On March 5, 2017 he completed the Lake Biwa Marathon in 2 hours 26 minutes and 19 seconds, a personal best.

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