Safety and Environment Policy

Health and Safety

Safety and Environment Policy

Basic Policy

Ensuring the safety of our employees, as well as preserving the environment, serve as the foundation of our corporate activities and social responsibility (CSR). We will endeavor to be people-oriented and environmentally friendly throughout all of our corporate activities.

Course of Action

  1. If our employees are not safe, our company cannot do business. Each of our employees will adhere to the rules to achieve zero accidents.
  2. We will maintain and improve our workplace through Pika Pika activities and the 5S5T, while striving to carry out activities to eliminate all dangers and risks from the workplace. Additionally, we will follow our regulations for safety, continually improving at a speed of 2-2-2.
  3. When an abnormality occurs, we will thoroughly follow our "STOP, CALL, and WAIT" procedure.
  4. In the areas of production, products, and service, we will act following our regulations for environmental management rule, implementing continual improvements and preventing environmental problems from occurring.

April 1, 2015
President & CEO
Hidehito Hisakawa

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