Revitalization Activities


Revitalization Activities

Summer Festival

Since 2011 we have been organizing summer festivals at our Headquarters and other locations. The festivals are very popular events and are visited by local residents as well as employees and their families; every year the combined summer festivals attracted over 4,000 visitors. Each location plans their own exciting events. The festival’s fair and food stalls are free of charge, and also the lottery with great prizes is very popular.


In 2018 the summer festival at the Headquarters attracted over 3,000 visitors. Highlights of the event were the on-site daycare pupils’ dance, the performance by the Baton Twirling Club of the Shijonawate Gakuen High School, tug-of-war and ball-toss contests between departments. At the food stalls we served sausages, fried chicken, ice cream and pineapple.

Bouncy ball scooping

Food stalls

Tug-of-war contest



Ueno Division

At the festival at our Ueno Division we enjoyed the traditional Thai dance of our technical trainees, tug-of-war and ball-toss contests between departments and dance performance by the junior cheerleaders with Kunon-chan, the mascot of Iga FC Kunoichi, womens football team playing in the Nadeshiko league. The SuperGT500 race car we had on display, attracted a lot attention as well. The summer festival at the Ueno Division attracted more than 1,000 local residents and employees and their families.

Traditional Thai dance by our technical trainees

Kawagoe Plant

At our Kawagoe Plant, visitors enjoyed a performance of the Kawagoe Technical High School brass band, played table tennis with members of the EXEDY womens’ table tennis team and there was an EXEDY-sponsored race car on display. At the stalls we had a shooting gallery and we served ice cream, fried soba noodles and pop corn. The lively event was attended by employees and their families.

Tug-of-war contest between departments

Race car on display

Shooting gallery


Kawagoe Technical High School brass band


In July 2017, we held the first summer festival at EXEDY Nara. Sausages, fried soba noodles, fried chicken and drinks were served at the food stalls. The family members enjoyed Yoyo and gold fish scooping. The main event of the festival was the gold fish scooping tournament between teams. Thanks to the local nature (Yamato-koriyama City) of the events all participants were very excited.


Gold fish scooping tournament



Cultural Festival

Employees show a another side of themselves, playing folk guitar or perform with their band. The music resonated across the cafeteria transforming it into a music hall with a capacity of over 400 people. The first edition was held in 2015 and more than 900 people participated, making for a lively event that really brought the musicians and spectators together.

Global Sports Events

To deepen camaraderie between employees, we have been organizing sport events since 2016. We held the 1st and 2nd Badminton Tournaments. Teams from overseas and domestic affiliates that won their qualifiers also competed in these lively events, bringing the entire EXEDY Group together.


Table Tennis Team

The women's table tennis team that was founded in 1988, celebrates its 31st anniversary in 2019. The team participates in the Japan Table Tennis League, the pinnacle of domestic table tennis, and won the first half of the season in the second division. The second half of the 2019 season the team will compete in the top division. In addition, the team has finished in the best eight at the All-Japan Women's Corporate Tennis Championships on two occasions.
Based at Ueno Division in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, the members participate as instructors in sports classes and trial sessions, targeting elementary and junior high school students in the prefecture as a part of the 2019 Mie Prefecture Citizen’s Day commemorative events under the theme of ‘Revitalize Mie with the Power of Sports’.
Further, in preparation of the National Athletic Meet to be held in Mie in 2021, the members of our table tennis team have been training 20 boys and girls as a part of the ‘2018 Mie Table Tennis Association Elementary and Junior High School Development Program’ organized by the Mie Table Tennis Association. We will continue our involvement with local communities through such activities.

Mie Table Tennis Association Elementary and Junior High School Development Program

Iga FC Kunoichi

Our company became the main sponsor of the Iga FC Kunoichi Women's Football Team, playing in the Plenus Nadeshiko League. Founded in 1976, Iga FC Kunoichi is a team with a long history and celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2016. Most of the players are employed by EXEDY. We provide an environment where the players work until 2 pm every day, and can focus on training in the afternoon. This is how we help create an environment for women's football and contribute to its development.


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