Welfare Program

Welfare Program

“Providing a comfortable a workplace" and "improving quality of life". Abiding by these two principles, EXEDY works on enriching its welfare facilities to support employees.

The so-called "Sakura Dori" beside the Welfare Building was established as a comfortable place for employees to relax.
The various trees please the eyes throughout the four seasons.

In summer we organize the EXEDY Summer Festival.
The summer festival is a very lively and popular event, visited by local residents as well as employees and their families.


We have cafeterias at each of our business locations. For lunch we offer several kinds of set meals, noodles and curry etc. so employees can choose to their liking. The meals are prepared with the guidance of a nutritionist, to be sure the food is healthy too.

On the large screens inside the cafeteria, various information is displayed.

The spacious cafeteria allows us to enjoyed our meals together with colleagues from different departments, making it an ideal place for exchanging information.

Clinic and Dentist

We have clinic and dentistry on our company premises, so employees can receive medical treatment in case of sudden illness or injury.
The nurse at the clinic and the dental hygienist at the dentistry are present during office hours to support our employees’ health.


The shop in the Welfare Building sells sweets, drinks and sundries.
Many employees use the shop after lunch or during work for a change of pace.
Conveniently, the shop also serves as a reception for a dry cleaning service.

On-site Daycare

On-site Daycare “A Kiddyland”

In an effort to improve the workplace and employee satisfaction, we established a daycare at the EXEDY Headquarters (Neyagawa-shi, Osaka). With this daycare we support employees raising children and make our contribution to solving the declining birthrate problem in Japan.

Date opened: October 01, 2008

"A Kiddyland"
"A" is the first letter of the EXEDY founder's last name and in Osaka dialect "A" means "good". We chose this name as our goal is to provide high-quality childcare and we hope that the children will be able to spread their wings and go on to achieve great things in the future.

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