Environmental Management


Environmental Management

Environmental Management System

Here at EXEDY, we have constructed a system of management known as the EXEDY Global Clean Committee, otherwise known as the EGC, that presides over all employees responsible for environmental matters.

ISO14001 Certification Acquired on June 16, 2000

Environmental Audit (ISO 14001)

Internal Audit: carried out at all sites between October and December 2018.
External Audit (regular examination): carried out between February 12 and February 15, 2019 (organization: DQS Japan).

EXEDY Group ISO14001 Certification Status

As of February 2018

Domestic Affiliates
Company Type Certification
DYNAX Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Casting Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Kyoto Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Precision Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Logistics Other ISO14001
EXEDY Trading Other ISO14001
EXEDY Sun Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Electric Facilities Other ISO14001
Nippon Retarder System Other
EXEDY Fukushima Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Nara Manufacturing ISO14001
Overseas Affiliates
Company Type Certification
EXEDY America Manuf ISO14001
EXEDY Globalparts Sales
DYNAX America Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY DYNAX America Other
EXEDY Holding of America Other
EXEDY DYNAX Mexico Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Mexico Aftermarket Sales Sales
EXEDY Latin America Sales
EXEDY Clutch Europe Sales
EXEDY DYNAX Europe Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Australia Sales
EXEDY New Zealand Sales
EXEDY Thailand Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Engineering Asia Other
EXEDY Friction Material Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Malaysia Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Singapore Sales
EXEDY Manufacturing Indonesia Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Vietnam Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Chongqing Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY DYNAX Shanghai Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Guangzhou Sales ISO14001
EXEDY Beijing Sales
DYNAX Industry Shanghai Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY India Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Clutch India Manufacturing ISO14001
EXEDY Poipet Manufacturing
EXEDY Middle East Sales ISO14001
EXEDY South Africa Sales

Manufacturing site certification acquisition rate: 95%

Costs of and Investments in Environmental Activities and Environmental Accounting

We display here both the costs of environmental conservation as well as the economic and environmental results obtained from our conservation activities so that we can determine how to efficiently proceed with our conservation efforts.

Cost of Environmental Conservation for the 2019 Fiscal Year

(JPY Million)

Item Investment Cost Details
Anti-pollution Measures 8 75 Introduction of waste water treatment equipment and environmental installations
Preservation of the Global Environment 39 34 Solar panels, switch over to LED lighting, renewing air conditioning
Recycling Natural Resources 0 112 Waste disposal, recycling
Management 0 15 Monthly environmental events; periodic ISO inspections
Research Activities 0 2,904 The development of fuel-efficient products and recyclable materials; reductions in weight.
Social Activities 0 7 Planting of trees around our offices; environmental education
Subtotal 47 3,146
Total 3,193

The Economic Benefits and Amount of Waste Reduced from Environmental Conservation

(JPY Million)

Economic Benefits
Economic Benefits 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
CO2Emission Reduction Costs (Compared to Previous Year) 0 68 64 0 6 0 34
Reduction of Waste Disposal Costs (Compared to Previous Year) 3 4 0 75 38 0 16
Subtotal 3 72 64 75 44 0 50
Selling off Recyclable Waste 743 706 383 463 651 796 512
Quantity of Waste and Emissions Reduced
Quantity of Waste and Emissions Reduced 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
CO2 Emissions 45,399 67,613 64,649 66,896 69,321 71,164 65,726
Amount of Industrial Waste Discharged* 52 65 73 44 49 28 23

* Amount of Industrial Waste does not include recycled waste.

Environmental Risk Management

We carry out exercises with a scenario specified for each location, to prepare for accidents and emergency situations that can lead to environmental pollution. We clarify procedures and conduct training regularly, and familiarize ourselves with the procedures and improve them.

Example of an Emergency Situation and Response Training

Chemical Substance Leakage Response Training

At least once a year, we conduct training for each facility, based on an emergency response flow.

Example: Oil Leakage from a Delivery Truck

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