Solar Panel Business Opens in Tamba, Hyogo


Solar Panel Business Opens in Tamba, Hyogo

Members of Sumikin Bussan and EXEDY joined on March 29th, 2013 at the solar panel business in order to celebrate the opening of the new business. Mr. Okamoto of the Tamba city office was the first of three speakers to open the ceremony as he welcomed the business to Tamba within his speech. Second, Sumikin Bussan chairman, Mr. Amaya and EXEDY president Shimizu had speeches to share their excitement in regards of joining solar business together. After the speeches, the members ended the ceremony by pressing and triggered button to launch the production of energy to be generated from the 7,098 panels in commission at the field.

Business Outline

Address Aogakicho Sawano and Kuchishioku Tamba City, Hyogo
Area Approx. 30,000m²
Max. Production Approx. 1,750kW (1.75MW)
Solar Panels 7,098
Yearly Production of Power Approx. 1.6 million kWh/year
EPC ※ EXEDY Electric Facilities Co., Ltd.

※ Engineering, Procurement and Construction

EXEDY SB Hyogo Co., Ltd. Company Outline

Corporate Name EXEDY SB Hyogo Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment September 3rd, 2012
Capital 2 Hundred Million Yen
Ownership Sumikin Bussan 60%, EXEDY 40%
Representative President : Yasushi Takezawa

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