Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

Management Policy (Wish)

  1. 1.From our customers,
    • "Reliance" to trust
    • "Confidence" to obtain competitive quality and price
    • "Expectation" to create the product which meets the customer's needs
  2. 2.From our employees,
    • "Satisfaction" to challenge their works
    • "Fulfillment" to give full play to their ability
  3. 3.From our local community,
    • "Thanks" to be one of the local citizens

We wish to be a company to realize the above thoughts.

This "wish" was announced in writing the thoughts of Mr. Masaki, the president in 1988.


Our Vision

We shall
create the value of "Unique to Dynax",
make our customers deeply impressed,
and be "the Best company in the world".

Our Action Guidelines

  1. Speedy decision and energetic action to carry through
  2. Challenge spirit to generate motivation

In 1973, Dynax was established as a young company in the industry and has been creating the original technology. We have been going through tough competition against the advanced companies in the world, we are now the first place in the share of domestic market and the second place in the global market.

We will be the best monodzukuri company in the world by our challenge spirit and speedy execution, the acquisition of the global business, and the chance of technological innovation.

We believe that the best company is the outcome of

the best product,
the highest quality,
and the best work in all our workplaces.

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