Health and Security Activities

Safety and Security activities

Safety and Security activities

1. Monthly safe activity

We are raising the level of safety and health activities by the monthly meeting on each division's spot with directors and general managers.

2. "Safety Day" activity

We decide a monthly theme for safety and are enlightening the safety and health by standing and calling the attention to safety on the various spots in the morning on the first day of each month. The participants are directors, supervisors, members of safety and health committee and responsible people of contract companies.

3. Practical use of Safety Dojyo

Dynax has Safety Dojyo where the employees can undergo the simulation of 'not safe' in the facilities or working by using machines and enhance the sensibility to the safety.

4. Cooperation with Dynax Safety Collaborators (engineering companies, etc.)

We periodically have the exchange of information or study meetings for safety, a safety convention, patrol in consecutive holidays and so on with the business partners in order to make their engineering work safe.

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