Our Health Management

Safety and Security Activities

Our Health Management Initiatives

Based on the policy "Creating a comfortable and healthy workplace free of dangers (zero accidents) ", we promote activities to maintain and improve employee health to achieve "zero illness and zero accidents".

Course of Action

By creating a healthy and comfortable workplace, we prevent work related illness and maintain and promote physical and mental health.

Our Health Initiatives

At our company, we carry out various activities, with the goal of increasing the number of people who take necessary actions themselves to maintain and improve their health.

Health Promotion Team

In additional to a full-time nurse and a nutritionist, we enroll a clinical psychologist. By offering health consultation carried out by our public health nurse and counseling by our clinical psychologist we try to ensure our employees are both physically and mentally in good shape. Nursing staff is stationed at the on-premise clinic to carry out health checks of employees and prevent serious illness.


For our employees to develop an interest in and gain a correct understanding of health management and mental health (self care/line care), we carry out stratified health management education and mental health care education adjusted to the employee's lifestage. We also offer lifesaving training and health lectures tailored to the needs of each department. In addition, the Health promotion Team issues a health newsletter, warns about epidemic diseases and carries out seasonal activities to raise health awareness.

Promoting Sports

To promote health, we have partnered with regional gyms at both our Chitose and Tomakomai locations to support employees who use the gym. Our employees take part in various circle activities such as ice hockey, baseball, soccer etc. We have established an environment where it is easy for our employees to engage in sports. Since 2016, we participate in global sports events to promote sports throughout the entire EXEDY Group and improve communication.

Communication with others

At our company we organize ‘Waigaya’ events where both employees and their family members participate in. In addition, we provide support to the social gatherings held in each department. We aim to improve communication within departments and contribute to the creation of a healthy and comfortable workplace.

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