EXEDY Group's CSR Activities

Supply Chain

CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies

At EXEDY we believe CSR efforts throughout the automotive industry's supply chain are of vital importance, if we want to keep developing in a way that is sustainable to earth and society. Therefore, in May 2017, we established the "CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies". We ask our cooperating companies to comply with these guidelines and to forward them to their suppliers.


CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies
  1. Guidelines
  2. EXEDY’s Corporate Philosophy and CSR Policy
  3. Basic Procurement Policy
  4. CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies
    1. Compliance
    2. Human Rights and Labor
    3. Local and Global Societies
    4. Share with Your Suppliers

Respect for Human Rights

Regarding the following eight items stipulated in CSR Guidelines for Cooperating Companies, we request that cooperating companies carry out activities and education, etc. to respect human rights.

  1. Elimination of Discrimination
  2. Respect for Human Rights
  3. Child Labor
  4. Forced Labor
  5. Wages
  6. Working Hours
  7. Dialogue and Consultation with Employees
  8. Safe and Healthy Working Environment