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EXEDY has decided to publish an Integrated Report to provide investors and other stakeholders about the value-creation process, including financial and non-financial information in a narrative manner. This report describes our Long-term Vision, which we have formulated as our aspiration for the fiscal year 2050, as well as the strategies and initiatives to realize this vision. Through the realization of this Long-term Vision, we intend to create economic and social value.


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EXEDY Integrated Report 2022

Index and Logical Structure


Logical Structure

Chapter 1:
Message from Top Management

Summary of Value Creation Story

The business environment in which we operate and the value creation strategies we have formulated based on that environment are presented here in the words of our President

Chapter 2:
Value Creation Process

  1. Milestones in Value Creation
  2. Our Bussiness
  3. Current Strengths
  4. Process of Value Creation

Current Value Creation Approach

While we touch on our milestones in value creation and the strengths we have cultivated, we would also like to introduce how we keep creating value today.

Chapter 3:
Long-term Vision

  1. Recognition of Business Environment
  2. Corporate Philosophy
  3. Long-term Vision
  4. Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Business Environment and Long-term Vision

Based on our corporate philosophy, and considering the significant changes in the business environment, we present our Long-term Vision and key performance indicators (KPIs) for the fiscal year 2050.

Chapter 4:
Strategies for Value Creation

  1. Strategies to Strengthen Human Capital
  2. Strategies to Strengthen Intellectual Capital
  3. Strategies to Strengthen Manufacturing Capital
  4. Strategies to Strengthen Social & Relational Capital
  5. Strategies to Strengthen Natural Capital
  6. Strategies to Strengthen Financial Capital

Strategies to Strengthen Management Capital to Achieve the Long-term Vision

EXEDY's six management capitals, which we have accumulated since our establishment, serve as the foundation for increasing our corporate value through business activities. We hereby introduce strategies to strengthen these management capitals as a path to achieve the above Long-term Vision and KPIs.

Chapter 5:
Foundation for Value Creation

  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Directors & Auditors
  3. Risk Management
  4. Respect for Human Rights

Various Systems and Initiatives to Support Value Creation

We will introduce various systems and initiatives related to corporate governance, etc., to execute the above strategies and enhance sustainable corporate value.

Chapter 6:
Financial and Corporate Information

  1. Financial and Non-Financial Highlights
  2. Financial and Non-Financial Summary
  3. Financial Review
  4. Environmental Reports
  5. Company / Stock information

Key Financial and Non-financial Results

We will present key financial and non-financial performance results generated through our value-creating business activities.

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