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01/29/2024News Releases

Commencement of Mass Production of Drone Propellers

EXEDY Corporation (Headquarters: Neyagawa City, Osaka Prefecture) has commenced the mass production of its drone propellers. This product is adopted by Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. for the “YMR-II” industrial multi-rotor.

We have been developing the propulsion system for drones (propellers, motors, speed controllers) by combining electric technology with our core technology in friction, vibration, and fluid dynamics cultivated over many years as a specialist manufacturer of automotive drive system components. As the first step in this endeavor, we are delighted to announce the commencement of mass production of drone propellers.

We will continue to expand our product lineup to meet a wide range of market needs and strive to provide advanced products to the drone industry. EXEDY will relentlessly pursue technological innovation, aiming to establish leadership in new fields and deliver valuable products to customers worldwide.

Our Product

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Yamaha Motor YMR-II

Made-in-Japan agricultural drone, a new model of the industrial multi-rotor “YMR” series equipped with automatic flight function.

For product details, please visit: Yamaha Motor Industrial Multi-Rotor YMR-II