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04/26/2024News Releases

EXEDY will be selling electric assist products developed by our company through Okudaya Giken.

Our company has developed an electric assist unit that can be retrofitted onto pallet trucks commonly used in logistics and manufacturing sites. This product will be available for purchase from Okudaya Giken Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture) starting from May 1, 2024.


The key features of this product are as follows:

Compatible with certain part numbers of Okudaya Giken’s “Catch Pallet Truck.”

Easily installable with bolt-on attachment, requiring no drilling or cutting.

Simple operation requiring no license

With just the push of a switch, users can push/pull the pallet truck with automatic control of the assist force, making it easy to transport heavy loads.

Assist force adjustment function

Allows adjustment of assist force (6 levels) according to the weight of the cargo, ensuring optimal assistance even with varying cargo weights or quantities.

Equipped with various safety features

Includes features such as emergency stop switch, sudden acceleration detection, speed limit detection, auxiliary brake, abnormal/failure detection, enhancing safety on site and contributing to a secure working environment.

Detachable compact battery

The detachable battery allows for continuous use by replacing the battery when needed.

As a second installment, we are currently developing an “Electric Assist Tugger” to assist in transporting carts etc. We will continue to develop various electric products and contribute to solving social issues.

Company Name Okudaya Giken Co., Ltd.
Business Description Manufacture and sale of cargo handling equipment and environmental equipment
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