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04/26/2024News Releases

EXEDY will pre-release two models of smart robots AMR in the summer of 2024

We plan to launch two models: the “Powerful Type” designed for factories and warehouses, and the “Multi Type” capable of operating in various locations such as stores, restaurants, and educational settings.

We have conducted demonstration experiments with over 20 companies, confirming their usefulness. These robots are expected to excel in tasks such as transporting heavy objects in warehouses and manufacturing sites, as well as communication and guidance duties in retail stores and commercial facilities.

Smart Robot|EXEDY Corporation (Japanese only)


The greatest feature of this product lies in its customizability and ease of implementation. By using the Exedy app that comes standard, instructions can be given to the robots without the need for knowledge of robot control software or programming. Additionally, being cloud-based allows smooth integration with external systems. By facilitating application development, we have achieved a reduction in the time and cost involved in initial setup and modifications.