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05/15/2024News Releases

EXEDY Has Decided to Invest in Omega Seiki Pvt. Ltd. to Advance Electric Mobility in India

We are pleased to announce that EXEDY has decided to invest in OMEGA SEIKI Pvt. Ltd. (headquartered in Delhi, India; CEO: Mr. Uday Narang), a company engaged in the development, manufacturing, and sales of electric mobility solutions based in India. Moving forward, we will collaborate on the development of electric vehicles equipped with our proprietary high-efficiency electric drive units, which consist of motors and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). Through this partnership, we aim to promote electrification in India and contribute to achieving carbon neutrality.

Background and Expansion

India is one of the fastest-growing economic powerhouses in the world. With an average age of 29 and the world’s largest population providing a rich labor force, supported by government industrial support policies and infrastructure development, further economic growth is highly anticipated. However, the country faces challenges such as severe air pollution, high dependency on imported fossil fuels, and the need for new job creation. Currently, the government is leading a shift towards electric mobility. At EXEDY, we strive to “create fulfillment for society” by contributing to the creation of a decarbonized society. Through our investment in OMEGA SEIKI, which develops, manufactures, and sells electric mobility solutions in India, we aim to provide new electric mobility solutions.


Established in 2018, OMEGA SEIKI develops, manufactures, and sells electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, and small trucks. With manufacturing bases in northern and western India and an extensive dealer network, the company is increasing its presence not only domestically but also internationally. Focusing on sustainable transportation and the realization of a low-carbon society, OMEGA SEIKI is actively working on introducing and improving new technologies to promote the spread of electric vehicles in India.

Company Name OMEGA SEIKI Pvt. Ltd.
Location M6 Uppal Plaza, 6th floor, District Centre Jasola, New Delhi, Delhi-110025
Official Website