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12/19/2023News Releases

Investment in Turkish-based drone manufacturer Baibars

Baibars CEO C. Erguvan (left), EXEDY President & CEO T. Yoshinaga (center), and Baibars CTO I. Geyik (right)

EXEDY Corporation has made an investment in “Baibars Mechatronics Aviation Industry Joint Stock Company,” a startup based in Turkey, which focuses on agricultural drone technology. In addition to agricultural drones, the company is also involved in the development of drones for logistics and tethered drones.

As a stepping stone for entering the globally expanding UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) industry, the objective is to bring together each other’s strengths, construct the entire value chain necessary for business expansion, and deploy it within the EXEDY Group.

Company Name Baibars Mechatronics Aviation Industry Joint Stock Company
Representative C. Erguvan
Business Activities Drone development, manufacturing, sales, pesticide spraying services, and drone schools, among other activities
Company Website